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Increasing Equity in a Post-Pandemic Economy: The Potential for Growing Worker Ownership – Job Quality in Practice Webinar

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The pandemic placed the economy into a sickening tailspin. The crisis has brought enormous pain. Can it also catalyze advantageous changes that expand opportunity and equity? Companies can share economic success through various models. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), worker cooperatives, profit sharing, and forms of equity participation all present different opportunities to share that success. Employee-owned firms have also shown strong resilience through economic downturns and often use management approaches that lead to higher-quality jobs. How can these strategies help shape the economic rebuilding that is to come? How can they address the inequalities and inequities that have divided our society and help us build a more resilient economy?

This is the sixth webinar in our Job Quality in Practice series. The outstanding panel includes:

  • Joseph Blasi , J. Robert Beyster Distinguished Professor, School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University
  • Tomás Durán, President, Concerned Capital ; Job Quality Fellow, The Aspen Institute
  • Alison Lingane, Co-founder, Project Equity ; Job Quality Fellow, The Aspen Institute
  • Joyce Klein (moderator) , Director, Business Ownership Initiative, The Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program

The Job Quality in Practice webinar series is designed to support practitioners across fields – including workforce development, economic development, capital deployment, policy, worker advocacy, and business – to address job quality in their work. Webinars share updates on current conditions and priorities as well as actionable tools and approaches. We also seek to highlight leading practitioners’ work and create connections across disciplines.

We are grateful to Prudential Financial for its support of our Job Quality in Practice webinar series and our ongoing efforts to advance a job quality field of practice.


Webinar: “Increasing Equity in a Post-Pandemic Economy: The Potential for Growing #WorkerOwnership.” Featuring @JosephBlasi (@RU_SMLR), Tomás Durán (@ConcernCapital), and Alison Lingane (@projectequity). Hosted by @AspenWorkforce and @Aspen_BOI.

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Event information
Tue May 19, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT