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INFODEMIC – Documentary Series Launch Event

Please join the public launch of INFODEMIC: Global Conversations on Science and Misinformation, a documentary series for broadcast on Link TV and PBS and streaming on Link TV and YouTube produced by the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program and Robyn Lane Productions.


This six-part documentary series showcases top science experts from around the world—Japan, China, Philippines, India, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, and the United States—diving deeply into the costs of science misappropriation and denialism and offering solutions to the challenges science faces globally. Created completely under lockdown, the series a wide range of topics from climate change to governments ignoring science to busting the myths of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, and the paranormal.

The live public launch event features a moderated conversation with the series’s executive producers and a group of international science experts from the series.

Lee McIntyre, Ph.D., Featured Science Expert, USA
Author of Post-Truth, The Scientific Attitude, and How to Talk to a Science Denier and Research Fellow, Center for Philosophy and History of Science, Boston University

Natália Pasternak, Ph.D., Featured Science Expert, Brazil
Microbiologist and President, Instituto Questão de Ciência (Question of Science Institute)

Inez Ponce de Leon, Ph.D., Featured Science Expert, Philippines
Writer, science communicator, and Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Ateneo de Manila University

Lina Yassin, Featured Science Expert, Sudan
Journalist, climate activist, and Middle East and North Africa Programme Manager, Climate Tracker

Robyn Rosenfeld, Writer/Director, Executive Producer
President, Robyn Lane Productions and Vice President, Sovereign Films

Aaron F. Mertz, Ph.D., Executive Producer
Biophysicist, science advocate, and founding Director of the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program.

This event is co-hosted by the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program, Robyn Lane Productions, and Link TV.



Event information
Wed Apr 28, 2021
8:00pm - 9:00pm EDT