Part 1: Creating an Inclusive Future: A Dialogue on Shifting Paradigms from the Ground Up

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Our society’s methods of distributing resources and solving collective problems are shaped by our thinking and assumptions about the world. How do we, as leaders, break through old assumptions and patterns to help make new paradigms possible? How do we work against stagnation and desensitization to inequitable and pervasive structures? How do we leave future generations with robust and inclusive systems—what does that look like at the local, national, and global level?

Join us for a two-part series featuring rapid-fire conversations between leaders—all awardees of the 2024 McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund and Fellows of the Aspen Institute—working to advance solutions uplifting their communities. From improving access to health and education in rural Rwanda, to transitioning US public schools to zero emissions, to fueling a global pro-democracy movement and more, all of these leaders are building solutions to deeply entrenched challenges alongside their communities, and shifting mindsets and paradigms to foster an inclusive future.

In part one, you’ll hear from:

  • Yemi A.D., Artist, Founder & CEO, Moonshot Platform (Henry Crown Fellow – Aspen Global Leadership Network) 
  • Alex Bailey, Founder & Executive Director, Black Outside (Healthy Communities Fellow – Aspen Global Innovators Group) 
  • Jack Hsu, Founder, Qi Social Innovation Center (China Fellow – Aspen Global Leadership Network)
  • Moderated by Kaya Henderson, Co-Founder & CEO, Reconstruction US

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More on Featured Awardees

Moonshot Platform | Founded by Yemi A.D. (Henry Crown Fellow) | Global

While global challenges persist across generations, youth rarely have the decision-making power to address them. Yemi A.D. (Henry Crown Fellow) founded Moonshot to empower the voices of young change-makers addressing our most pressing problems, through fellowships, mentorship, and thought leadership camps. Building on success convening their global participants, Moonshot now plans to reach more indigenous and migrant youth and to launch regional programs in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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Black Outside | Founded by Alex Bailey (Healthy Communities Fellowship) | United States

Black youth are disproportionately underrepresented in outdoor spaces—only 1% of Texas state park visitors identify as Black/African-American. Alex Bailey (Healthy Communities Fellow) founded Black Outside in Central Texas to reconnect youth to nature and culturally-aligned programming. After launching their newest mentorship program for boys, and doubling their counselors-in-training program, Black Outside plans to procure land to expand youth leadership opportunities. 

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Qi Social Innovation Center | Founded by Jack Hsu (China Fellowship) | China

In 2003, Jack Hsu (China Fellow) moved back to China from New York to build schools that focus on social innovation. In 2022, Hsu founded the Qi Social Innovation Center to cultivate a spirit of change-making, in order to combat the ‘personal gain and accomplishment mindset’ that he felt was pervasive amongst China’s youth. Having set the groundwork with a series of pilots, the center will launch and grow its Fellowship for Change program for young leaders this year.

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About the Moderator: Kaya Henderson

Kaya Henderson (Pahara Fellow – Aspen Global Leadership Network) is the CEO of Reconstruction US, a technology company delivering a K-12 supplemental curriculum that situates Black people, culture, and contributions in an authentic, identity-affirming way, so that students of all backgrounds benefit from a more complete understanding of our shared history and society. She is also the co-host of Pad Save the People, and leads Kaya Henderson Consulting. She is perhaps best known for serving as Chancellor of DC Public Schools from 2010-2016. Her tenure was marked by consecutive years of enrollment growth, an increase in graduation rates, improvements in student satisfaction and teacher retention, increases in AP participation and pass rates, and the greatest growth of any urban district on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) over multiple years. Her board memberships include The Aspen Institute, Curriculum Associates, Robin Hood NYC, and Teach For America, and she is the co-founder of Education Leaders of Color (EdLoC). She is a 2023 McNulty Catalyst Fund recipient.