7 Organizations Receive Collective Awards of US $25,000 for Innovation in Digital Inclusion at the Aspen Institute and HP Inc. Global Summit and Pitchfest

October 17, 2023

Digify Africa, Dignity for Children Foundation, E-Cubed, La Cana, National Cancer Society Malaysia, Siyafunda Community Technology Centre, and SOLS Foundation Receive Awards for Technology Solutions which Pursue Digital Equity

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The Aspen Institute

17 October 2023 –  Today, 10 organizations from Malaysia, Mexico, and South Africa have graduated from the 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator, a collaboration between HP and the Aspen Institute. To celebrate the conclusion of their 6-month commitment, the 2023 Accelerating Digital Equity Global Summit is taking place between 17 and 19 October, and includes a Pitch Fest, panel discussions, and awards totaling $25,000 to organizations actively addressing the digital divide in their communities. To participate in Regional Summits taking place on 18-19 October, register here. Media interviews with the winners are available upon request.

Today’s Award Winners Include: 

  • Today’s Award Winners Include: 
    • Judge’s Choice Award ($5,000) – Siyafunda Community Technology Center NPC
    • Social Innovation Award ($3,000) – National Cancer Society of Malaysia
    • Best in Pitch Award ($3,000) – La Cana, Mexico
    • People’s Choice Award: 
      • First place ($4,000) – Dignity for Children Foundation, Malaysia
      • Second place ($2,000) – SOLS Foundation, Malaysia
      • Third place ($1,000) – La Cana, Mexico 
    • Audience Choice Awards (Amount):
      • First Place ($4,000) – SOLS Foundation, Malaysia
      • Second place ($2,000) – E-Cubed, South Africa 
      • Third place ($1,000) – Digify Africa, South Africa

Each of the organizations is a graduate of the 10-organization 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator. The organizations were chosen from among 120 applicants in a highly selective process, which prioritized reach, impact, commitment to digital equity, and meaningful connections to the communities they serve. Selected not-for-profit organizations will be awarded HP technology solutions tailored to their needs; around $100,000 USD in capacity-building grants; and access to a robust network of international leaders, mentors, and coaches with expertise in technology, social innovation, non-profit management, and social impact. In 2022, the Accelerator helped seven organizations from India, Morocco, and the United States scale their efforts, boosting their cumulative reach by 1.7 million people and counting.

“These organizations represent some of the best ideas in social innovation and tech from around the world,” said Hazami Barmada, Director/ Lead of the Digital Equity Accelerator, Aspen Institute. “Each organization is at the cusp of scaling its reach and impact – and we’re proud to graduate them from the 2023 Digital Equity Accelerator. Investing into community-led social innovation is critical to creating systemic changes to social challenges”

“Today we celebrate these 10 incredible organizations for the vital impact they are driving in their communities,” said Michele Malejki, Global Head of Social Impact, HP Inc., and Director, HP Foundation. “They are doing the essential day-to-day work to bring access to education, healthcare and economic opportunity to those in their communities most in need of these services. By collaborating and learning from their expertise, we are better able to create and deliver scalable solutions and, together, accelerate digital equity for millions of people across the world.”  

“We are at a pivotal crossroad where new and emerging technology has the potential to reshape our communities, society, and workforce,” said Wafa Ben-Hassine, Principal, Responsible Technology, Omidyar Network. “These organizations are doing the fundamental work to ensure a technological future that expands access to opportunities, resources and prosperity for everyone by centering inclusive participation, diversity in development and outcome accountability. It’s pivotal that we — philanthropy, policymakers, and civil society — all play our part in supporting such efforts that inspire innovation and economic opportunity for all people.” 

“Technology, combined with passion, has the potential to address important social inequalities because it can provide innovative solutions that democratize access to resources, opportunities, and information.” said Hend Alhinnawi, Founder and Executive Director of Humanitarian Tracker. “The organizations we heard from today leverage technology to empower marginalized communities, reduce inequalities, and create a more inclusive society. Moreover, increased investment in this space is crucial because it can accelerate the development and deployment of these solutions, leading to greater impact and positive change on a broader scale.” 

To request interviews or receive photos from the conference, please contact Elizabeth Vivirito elizabeth.vivirito@aspeninstitute.org


About the Digital Equity Accelerator 

The Digital Equity Accelerator, a collaboration between HP and the Aspen Institute, works to advance social and economic equality by investing in not-for-profit organizations and NGOs that are accelerating digital inclusion. Founded in 2022, the Accelerator has helped seven organizations from India, Morocco, and the United States scale their efforts, boosting their cumulative reach by 1.7 million people and counting. In 2023, the Accelerator expanded programming to ten organizations from Malaysia, Mexico, and South Africa. Visit digitalequityaccelerator.org or join the mailing list to learn more. 

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