Waterfowl Festival’s Judy Price Named Manager of the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Wye River Campus

July 15, 2014

Vice President of Administration, Aspen Institute
Executive Director, Aspen Wye River Campus
The Aspen Institute
Tel. 410-820-5326

Waterfowl Festival’s Judy Price Named Manager of the Aspen Institute’s Aspen Wye River Campus

Queenstown, MD, July 15, 2014 – The Aspen Institute today announced that Judith W. Price, executive director of Waterfowl Chesapeake and the Waterfowl Festival held every fall in Easton, Maryland, has been named Manager, Aspen Wye River Campus, Aspen Institute. 

Price has headed the Waterfowl Festival for 18 years, and Waterfowl Chesapeake since its inception in 2011, managing the Eastern Shore’s most complex public event, its 1200-plus staff and volunteers, its multiple properties, and its fundraising, marketing, and finances. A graduate of Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) and the University of Maryland School of Law, she served as assistant attorney general and then deputy counsel of the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development from 1981-1993.

The 1100-acre Wye River campus, with its Houghton House, River House, and Wye Woods conference centers, is the home to many Aspen Institute conferences, and hosts numerous government and corporate seminars as well as private special events. The Friends of Wye and the Aspen Wye Fellows, a group of Eastern Shore residents who take part in concerts and dialogues with world thought leaders throughout the year, support the campus.

“We are delighted that a proven leader of Judy Price’s caliber is joining the Aspen Institute in early September to help lead the Wye campus and conference center to the next level and to serve as our liaison to the broader Eastern Shore community through the Aspen Wye Fellows and Friends of Wye programs, and through public programs that are now under development,” said Cynthia Buniski, vice president of administration for the Aspen Institute and executive director of the Aspen Wye River Campus. “Judy’s intimate knowledge of the Eastern Shore, her managerial ability, and her passion for the Aspen Institute’s public educational mission will be critical to the Aspen Wye River campus in the years ahead.”

Judy Price added, “I have been honored to serve the Waterfowl Festival and Waterfowl Chesapeake as its executive director, and am proud of what its thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of supporters have achieved for the Chesapeake region, the artistic community, and waterfowl conservation. After 18 years, however, the Aspen Institute is giving me an exciting opportunity to contribute in a new way to the Eastern Shore and beyond through its programs at its world-class Aspen Wye River campus. I look forward to inviting many of my friends and colleagues to join me in furthering the Aspen Institute’s educational mission.” 

EDITORS: Photos of Judy Price and the Aspen Wye River Campus available upon request.

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