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New Year, New Twitter Handle

January 10, 2022  • Economic Opportunities Program

We are pleased to announce an exciting and important update to our social media identity. Our Twitter handle @AspenWorkforce is now @AspenJobQuality! This change is overdue, and it captures our long-running focus on the goal of promoting quality jobs.

At its birth a decade ago, @AspenWorkforce gave voice to the Workforce Strategies Initiative, one of two initiatives in the Economic Opportunities Program at the time, along with the Business Ownership Initiative (formerly FIELD). Today EOP plays host to five initiatives, an international network of Fellows and alumni, multiple event series, and countless projects overlapping among these discrete groups. As EOP grew, @AspenWorkforce spoke to this increasingly diverse and significant work, well beyond the scope of WSI alone. Through it all, however, we retained, reupped, and doubled down on our belief that quality jobs are the key issue facing workers and families today.

The transition to @AspenJobQuality is the coda to this story. @AspenJobQuality will continue to tweet about issues relating to WSI’s work, as well as that of the Good Companies/Good Jobs initiative, UpSkill America, the Future of Work Initiative, the Job Quality Fellows, and the Workforce Leadership Academy Fellows, and it will feature the content of our new Job Quality Center of Excellence. You can continue to follow the UpSkill and FOWI Twitter accounts for initiative-specific updates, as well as BOI for all things business ownership. Stay tuned to @AspenJobQuality for our upcoming Twitter chat and ongoing job quality campaign.

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Quality work is essential to advancing #equity, healthy families, a strong economy, and a less divided society. In that spirit, @AspenWorkforce is now @AspenJobQuality! Follow for #jobquality updates from the @AspenInstitute Economic Opportunities Program.

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