Kate Griffin

Kate Griffin

Kate Griffin serves as Project Director for Building Inclusive Financial Systems.

Kate Griffin serves as Project Director for Building Inclusive Financial Systems. She is supporting the launch of a proposed National Financial Inclusion Commission in the U.S. to create a national financial inclusion strategy that moves from focusing on account and information access to measurable financial security outcomes for households.

Kate has spent two decades making financial services work better for low-income and marginalized people, both here in the US and in developing countries. She most recently led a social enterprise providing financial wellness benefits to workers, TrustPlus. She was also on the founding executive team of the fintech BrightFi, where as Chief Experience Officer she was responsible for making sure the voice of underserved consumers was front and center in decision-making. 

In her tenure at Prosperity Now, she worked extensively with community-based organizations, financial institutions, technology partners, and government agencies to strengthen and scale savings solutions and other financial capability services for their clients. She designed and launched the Campaign for Every Kid’s Future in partnership with public officials, researchers, and non-profit practitioners to ensure every child in America has a savings account earmarked for post-secondary education. Prior to Prosperity Now, she worked internationally in the microfinance field, helping to expand savings and lending practices among financial institutions serving low-income households in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Kate is a recognized expert in financial inclusion and financial health. She has sat on advisory boards for Capital One, the American Cancer Society, the Association of Public Human Service Agencies, and several fintech companies. She has served on the board of Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners and, closer to home, currently sits on the board of the Red Wiggler Community Farm. She holds degrees in international development from Kenyon College and American University and lives in suburban Washington, DC with her husband, two daughters, and a pandemic puppy. 

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