Michelle Obama on Making Sports Accessible and Affordable

May 26, 2016  • Aspen Ideas to Go

First Lady Michelle Obama says play, nutrition, and physical activity aren’t available to every child — and that’s a problem. With the annual cost of sports participation around $2,200 per child, these opportunities are increasingly available only to wealthier families.

A report from the Sports and Society Program at the Aspen Institute shows parents have concerns around risk of injury, the quality or behavior of coaches, time commitment, and the emphasis on winning over having fun. What can be done to ensure children are being physically active and learning team skills? Obama discusses accessibility and affordability of sports with her brother and ESPN analyst Craig Robinson. Michael Wilbon, host of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” moderates the conversation.

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Marci Krivonen is the associate editor and producer of public programs at the Aspen Institute.

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