International Development

Aspen Ministers Forum: Madeleine Albright in Conversation with Jan Eliasson

July 30, 2020  • Amina Akhtar

Former US Secretary of State and Aspen Ministers Forum founding member Madeleine Albright recently sat down to talk with Jan Eliasson, Swedish diplomat and Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. They both talked about changes needed for international institutions and the new thinking required to tackle 21st century issues like a pandemic, climate change, and war. 

Albright founded The Aspen Ministers Forum in 2003 to strengthen diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Europe. Through its members’ in-depth understanding of foreign policy and continued influence, the group has made substantial contributions on issues including UN reform, reforming the social contract, and the refugee crises. 

The Aspen Ministers Forum consistently contributes its expertise to the world at a time where institutions are struggling to grapple with the effects of a rapidly changing world. Last month, they released a letter urging the United Nations and national governments to take actionable steps to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This letter, signed by twenty-seven former foreign ministers from every region of the world, bears significant weight in the fight against Covid-19. Earlier in 2020, released a letter on the urgency of acting on climate change and protecting biodiversity. 

To learn more about the Aspen Ministers Forum and stay up to date with their work, visit their page or follow Albright on social media.

Photo credit: UN News