Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace

Humane leadership requires recognizing and incorporating the unique identities, backgrounds, and experiences everyone brings to their places of work. The choices an organization makes when navigating the overlapping identities of their leaders, workforce, clients, and stakeholders greatly affects their success. Modern organizations must learn how to capitalize on all aspects of diversity as a key source of their strength. In order to accomplish this, they must continually create spaces to explore and better understand the nuanced subjects of identity and diversity in today’s workplace. With a primary focus on racial equity, this seminar explores the contours of identity in ways that build more self-aware individuals and stronger and more effective teams.

Key Questions Explored

How are identities formed and expressed? What do we mean by equity? How should leaders navigate the complexities of identity and equity in the workplace? Where are diversity and inclusion efforts succeeding and where are they falling short? How do we create spaces of honesty and vulnerability in which teams become stronger and more efficient? How do we support change when we come against institutional inertia?

Participants Leave the Seminar With
  • a deeper appreciation for the formation and expression of their own identities and the identities of those they work with
  • a more sophisticated understanding of and consensus about what racial equity means in theory and in practice at their organization
  • a greater awareness of the systemic benefits and/or injustices experienced by others
  • an enhanced ability to communicate on sensitive issues including, but not limited to, race, gender, sexuality, and religion
  • a deeper relationship with their leadership, teams, and colleagues
  • strategies for leading, working with, and working in diverse teams

Seminar Sessions Include: Identity and Belonging, Equality and Equity, Diversity and Effectiveness, and Equity in Action.

Seminar Curriculum: Short texts may be drawn from such authors as Audre Lorde, Richard Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Alexander.

Seminar Format: Our Core Leadership Seminars can be offered in the face-to-face or virtual medium. Virtual seminars typically consist of multiple 3-hour sessions offered on consecutive days or over consecutive weeks. The Executive Leadership Seminars team will work with you to determine the optimal seminar format to meet the goals of your organization.

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