Nominate a First Mover Fellow

First Mover Fellows are exceptional corporate social intrapreneurs who are creating new products, services and practices that increase business value and make the world a better place. Learn more in the 2024 Fellowship Overview.

Nominations are accepted year-round and will be considered for the next class of Fellows. Learn more about the nomination criteria and process below.

Do you know a potential First Mover Fellow? We’re looking for candidates who:

  • Work inside of large, for-profit companies (not government, start-ups or non-profits)
  • Work in core business functions (e.g., finance, marketing, legal, etc.) of large companies, rather than sustainability, social impact, and CSR departments
  • Have demonstrated passion and capacity for working at the intersection of business growth and positive social and environmental change
  • Have a track record of innovation, coupled with a sense of humility about his or her accomplishments
  • Come from a diversity of backgrounds, including race, ethnicity, functional expertise, and more.
  • Would be excited about and committed to an Aspen Institute Fellowship that requires:
    • Attendance at three four-day seminars over one year
    • Active engagement with peers and experts across industries
    • The pursuit of a meaningful project that combines business profitability and social or environment impact
    • Participation in a lifelong community of exceptional social intrapreneurs
    • A Fellowship fee (see below)

      We seek diverse nominations across industry, geography, functional responsibility and demographics.

      The Fellowship Financial Commitment

      Fellows’ companies pay a participation fee of $30,000, which is payable in two installments. The fee covers program delivery costs, as well as accommodations and all meals during the three First Mover seminars in Colorado, Arizona, and New York. It also covers post-Fellowship follow-up, including check-ins on project progress; ongoing program evaluation; and the introduction of new Fellows into the broader Aspen First Movers community.

      Fellows’ companies also pay travel costs to/from the seminar locations.

      The Nomination and Selection Process

      The selection process includes several steps over the course of approximately six months. Each Fall, the First Movers team solicits and reviews nominations for the following year’s class of Fellows.

      • October – December: Review of all nominations and outreach to selected candidates.
      • November – December: Selected candidates are invited to complete a Fellowship application.
      • December – February: Applications are reviewed and selected candidates are invited to interview with the Director of the First Movers program.
      • February – March: Following the first interview, candidates are invited to second-round interviews with a First Mover Fellow from a previous class.
      • March – May: Finalists are selected and presented to the First Movers Design Team, who decides which candidates to accept.
      • June: The next class is publicly announced before their first seminar gathering in July.

      How to Nominate

      We accept nominations year-round. Do you know someone who would make a great candidate? Let us know!