First Movers Fellowship Overview

Intrapreneurs can be found in many companies — large and small, and across industries. We believe that these innovators have the potential to develop the ideas and approaches that will help their own companies, and the business community as a whole, live up to its full potential as a vehicle for positive social change. But realizing their potential requires investment and nurturing.

By identifying these First Movers, offering them the skills to be as effective as possible, connecting them with others to fuel their passion and courage, and learning from their experiences, we will generate a critical mass of business leaders who, over the longer term, will help companies integrate social value, along with financial value, as core strategic priorities.

“The big change for me was that the Aspen Institute really opened up a new world of possibility. I am able to take that enthusiasm and that confidence to do the type of work I want to do within my organization.”
— Erin Bina, GE Power, Fellow since 2012