Latinos and Society Program

The Aspen Institute founded the Latinos and Society Program in 2015. It is a place for learning about American Latinos and involving them in addressing the country’s most critical issues at the highest levels.

Our mission is to identify, promote and catalyze ideas and solutions that foster greater opportunity for American Latinos, enabling a more prosperous and inclusive America for all.

We do this by:

  • Convening emerging and established thought leaders of all backgrounds and subject matter expertise to engage in thoughtful conversations about the realities of diverse communities in the U.S. and practical solutions to challenges;
  • Elevating dialogue involving policy topics, including civic participation, education and economic advancement for American Latinos;
  • Building a pipeline of American Latino thought leaders throughout the Aspen Institute who can put policy changes into motion; and
  • Influencing the way that people who interact with our program – the media, policymakers, or decision-makers – understand and engage with American Latinos.

We believe that by bringing together American Latino and non-Latino voices around the country’s most pressing issues, we can help develop more knowledgeable leaders, cultivate a more educated and informed citizenry, and promote the engagement of all people in securing a prosperous and inclusive future for America.