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Employer Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Economy

March 1, 2023  • Aspen Institute Latinos and Society

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Latinos and Society Program at the Aspen Institute (AILAS) have partnered on a new research project to understand the digital transformation in the workplace and the strategies that employers are adopting to support their workforce’s adoption of new technologies and skills. The Employer Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Economy report summarizes the main takeaways from a survey of 844 HR professionals across eight US cities – Atlanta, Chicago, El Paso, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, and San Bernardino. 

The publication sheds light on current trends, expectations, and needs of employers to thrive in an increasingly digital economy and identifies similarities and differences across the eight selected cities. With Latinos estimated to represent 78% of the net new workers between 2020 and 2030, according to the US Department of Labor, the report also identifies some trends in how employers in these geographies support digital skills development for this critical workforce segment. 

Despite the challenges organizations face in supporting the digital skills development of their workforce, many are taking steps in the right direction—such as prioritizing new technology and digital tools or providing employees with training opportunities. 

This report was developed as part of the “Latino communities and the challenges of the Digital Economy” research project, with support from Comcast Corporation and Google.org.