Learning is About Video

Asset type:  Foundational/Promotional

Purpose: This video introduces the fundamentals of How Learning Happens, presenting some of the key principles of social, emotional and academic development (e.g. relationships, respect, responsibility, and teamwork).  It’s a great way to spark a conversation with your constituents and members or colleagues. A link to the video would also be useful in newsletters and on your website.

Ideas for Use by Families and Educators:

  • As an orientation tool for any program, initiative, or effort that encourages social, emotional, and academic development
  • In professional learning opportunities for instructional leaders and teachers
  • Example: Ask teachers to compare the video to the way they organize their classroom structures and environments
  • In professional development with youth development leaders
  • Example: Ask youth leaders to reflect on this and implement strategies in their own settings
  • With working groups, professional learning communities, or at staff meetings
  • On a YouTube site, website, or playlist as part of a selection of curated resources
  • As a conversation starter at any meeting with families, faculty, or staff
  • To start a district-wide conversation on social media (on a school or district’s Facebook page, or on Twitter)
  • In a classroom where social and emotional competencies are being taught

Feel free to embed this video in presentations using the youtube video above or by downloading to your desktop using this link (PW: aspen)

Suggested text for sharing on social media:

  • Learning is about… relationships. That’s not an opinion. That’s #HowLearningHappens
  • Learning is about… respect. That’s not an opinion. That’s #HowLearningHappens
  • Learning is about… responsibility. That’s not an opinion. That’s #HowLearningHappens
  • Learning is about… persistence. That’s not an opinion. That’s #HowLearningHappens
  • Learning is about  . . . teamwork. That’s not an opinion. That’s #HowLearningHappens
  • Learning is intellectual, AND social, AND emotional. That’s not an opinion. That’s #HowLearningHappens


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