Aspen Philanthropy Group

Launched in 2009, PSI curates and convenes the Aspen Philanthropy Group (APG), composed of CEOs of national private, public, and corporate foundations that act to strengthen civil society actors, solve hard societal and environmental problems, and reinforce a vibrant and resilient democracy. APG convenes upward of 30 members annually in Aspen, CO, for a multi-day closed-door meeting to discuss and debate a range of strategic topics selected in consultation with members. In addition, APG provides a safe and trusted space for foundation leaders to discuss topics of strategic and personal concern to a group of peers who can offer feedback and advice to strengthen their capacity to lead. PSI also works to matchmake among the group and foster peer connection – and possible collaborations – between members whose work and interest align.

The Aspen Philanthropy Group’s annual meeting is by invitation only. For more information about the Aspen Philanthropy Group, please contact Sarina Beges at