The Intersector Project

The Intersector Project (TIP@PSI) is a resource hub dedicated to advancing effective collaboration among the business, government, and non-profit sectors in the United States.

Perhaps more than ever before, addressing the serious problems that our society faces today requires navigating across the government, business, and non-profit sectors. While each sector has its limitations, it also has unique assets; if the sectors work together toward a common purpose, they can accomplish far more than any one can alone. There is a need for an intersector — where government, business, and non-profit sectors share expertise, resources, and authority to address problems together.

Our Approach

U.S. Focus
The Intersector Project’s commentary, research, and thinking focuses particularly on the United States.

Issue- and Sector- Neutral
The I
ntersector Project’s work is both sector- and issue-neutral — created for practitioners from all sectors, working on a range of issues, across the United States.

Broad Array of Collaborative Approaches
Because the models and methods for cross-sector collaboration are proliferating, TIP’s resources speak to the broad array of collaborative approaches that practitioners in the field are actively using to solve problems.

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