About Rework Reentry

Almost two million people are incarcerated in the United States today, 95% of whom will one day be released. All told, an estimated 19 million Americans are burdened with the collateral consequences of a felony conviction. Upon release, people who are returning from incarceration are often limited to low-paying jobs with little opportunity for long-term career advancement. 

Since 2018, Next Chapter has endeavored to break this cycle by creating pathways for these returning persons to obtain skilled, high-paying jobs in the tech sector. After an initial pilot, Next Chapter has expanded to 14 hiring partners across the tech industry. Three cohorts of apprentices, more than 30 individuals total, have successfully graduated from the program and received full-time offers from the program’s hiring partners. 

To eliminate roadblocks and help Next Chapter scale this program, Aspen Digital, the Aspen Criminal Justice Reform Initiative, and Slack are collaborating to engage returning persons, community leaders, and company executives through research-driven public education, convenings with key stakeholders, and documentary storytelling.