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2012 Financial Security Summit Report

June 7, 2013  • Colby Farber

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The 2012 Aspen Institute Financial Security Summit was an exclusive gathering of top business leaders, experts, advocates, and media. The Summit advanced the dialogue on the public and private solutions that build more savings and wealth in American households, strengthen middle-class opportunity, and improve the economic future of the country.

In an election year with a budgetary showdown looming, the Aspen Institute Initiative on Financial Security (Aspen IFS) chose to host its first Financial Security Summit in Aspen, Colorado to bring thoughtful leaders together to wrestle with the contours of a new strong and politically feasible financial security vision.  With the American economy at a crossroads, Summit participants revealed compelling consensus around savings policies that have the power to enhance economic mobility and financial security while directing Americans away from a culture of unaffordable consumption.

From acclaimed civil rights leaders such as Andrew Young and activists such as Marc Morial to leading conservative scholars such as Douglas Holtz-Eakin and prominent independents such as David Walker, the headlines emerge: financial security is the key to America’s promise to its middle class, and achieving a much greater measure of financial security is a goal that financial industry leaders and consumer advocates believe in and can advance.