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2013 Financial Security Summit Report

November 20, 2013  • Colby Farber

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Smart savings policies belong in a pro-growth agenda and can be pursued through modest investments or targeted reforms that policymakers should champion and implement.  Industry leaders, consumer advocates, and households around the country acknowledge that the urgency to enact policies now that improve financial security does not just apply to lower-income Americans; these are policies that have the potential to impact most Americans.

In this context, the Aspen Institute Financial Security Summit convened 40 of the nation’s top business leaders, experts, advocates, and media. Building off of the success of the 2012 Summit, the 2013 Financial Security Summit examined how, in the midst of budget cuts and tax reform debates, leaders can still preserve the American Dream of a college education, homeownership, and a secure retirement. At a time when the American economy is at a crossroads, the Financial Security Summit emphasized that achieving a much greater measure of financial security for both households and the country is a pressing goal that financial industry leaders and consumer advocates believe in and can advance.