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Bridging the Digital Divide in Detroit

April 25, 2023  • Haley Glover

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Detroit is home to Rocket Companies, a family of businesses that includes Rocket Mortgage, Rocket Homes, Amrock, and Rocket Money, among others. With the vast majority of employees living in the Detroit area, the company has taken a proactive approach to supporting digital upskilling throughout the community and within its own ranks.

The Rocket Community Fund serves as the philanthropic arm of Rocket Companies, focusing on five strategies that align with Rocket’s business goals and philosophies, including ending homelessness; preventing displacement; building wealth through homeownership, education, and employment; building equity and opportunity in Detroit; and bridging the digital divide. Leveraging the resources and influence of the business, the Rocket Community Fund drives investments and engagements that exemplify “doing well while doing good,” driving impact for the company and for the community.

This brief describes how Rocket Companies, through the Rocket Community Fund, has made a measurable difference in Detroit, creating a more connected and more skilled community and workforce.


In this brief by @upskillamerica, learn about how Detroit’s @RocketCF takes a proactive approach to supporting digital #upskilling in the community.

“Doing well while doing good” describes how @RocketCF and partners have made a measurable difference in Detroit. Learn more from @upskillamerica.

.@RocketCF is creating a more connected, skilled, and digitally capable community and workforce in Detroit. Learn more in this brief by @upskillamerica.

Leveraging the resources and influence of its business, @RocketCF drives investments and engagements that drive impact for @RocketCompanies and the community.

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