Workforce Development

Business Value Assessment Toolkit

October 1, 2005  • Workforce Strategies Initiative & Economic Opportunities Program

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The BVA Toolkit consists of three primary items:

The Handbook has practical step-by-step guidelines for defining the services and outcomes to be evaluated, and for planning appropriate and practical assessment methods.

The Planning Worksheet contains conversation prompts, checklists and simplified data collection hints. This 4-page worksheet can be printed and used to guide your planning conversation with participating business customers.

The Excel Tool is a package of forms for organizing data and producing reports that calculate and monetize practical business value outcome indicators such as retention, cost of turnover, productivity, efficiency, etc.

Business Value Assessment case examples are a set of brief ”real-life” examples that describe how workforce service partnered with business customers to measure results.

A set of Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to some common inquiries.

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