• Ways to Give

    Plan Today. Ensure the Aspen Institute and your legacy will endure.

    Planned gifts are tailored to an individual’s unique circumstances. Depending on your personal and estate planning goals, there may be different approaches to consider. Below is a sampling of ways to give.

    Bequest Gifts: A charitable bequest is one of the easiest ways for you to leave a lasting impact at the Aspen Institute. A set dollar amount, a percentage, or a residual of the estate are all ways to direct a gift.
    Retirement Accounts: Naming the Aspen Institute to receive any portion of your unused or remaining retirement assets is one of the most tax-advantaged ways to make a legacy gift.
    Charitable Remainder Trusts: Whether it be a traditional Remainder Trust or a Lead Trust, these powerful planning techniques can accomplish many goals simultaneously, supporting you, your loved ones, and the Institute’s work.
    Art and Collections: Substantial appreciation may be associated with assets that reflect your interests and hobbies, along with undesired estate taxes. Heirs may have collectable preferences that differ from yours. Your valuable possessions can be used to fund a charitable gift through your estate.
    Business Interests: Privately-held business interests may be heavily taxed upon disposition. These assets may provide tax-wise funding to the Institute just prior to retirement or at other planning stages.
    Real Estate: Contributing partial or whole ownership of real estate can be a planning solution while funding a legacy gift. Gifts can include a primary residence, vacation home, or a commercial or residential building.

    Whether you are just beginning estate planning or revisiting plans completed years ago, the Aspen Institute welcomes the chance to explore planning a gift to help generations to come.

    Following a collaborative process, you can take great satisfaction in knowing your commitment will benefit both you and the Aspen Institute.

    Let us hear from you.

    Your nest egg is reflective of your values. Our work is values-based too. To discuss how your legacy gift can ensure the impact of our shared values, please contact:

    Stephenie Maurer, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
    (301) 518-4925


    The above information is intended to provide general information. It is not intended nor should it be relied upon as legal or tax advice. You are encouraged to contact qualified professional advisors to discuss your estate plans to be sure your wishes for family and the Aspen Institute are properly documented.