Exploring Your Social Change Ecosystem

July 27, 2021  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

We thrive as leaders when we recognize that we’re part of a broader ecosystem. It helps check our ego, it requires us to be accountable to others, and it supports us when we feel depleted or disconnected.

Deepa Iyer, Strategic Advisor at Building Movement Project and Director of Solidarity Is

What does your social change ecosystem look like? What roles are you playing as you work to have an impact? 

In this conversation with Adria Goodson, Director of Ford Global Fellowship at the Ford Foundation, Deepa Iyer, Strategic Advisor at Building Movement Project, Director of Solidarity Is, and designer of the Social Change Ecosystem, breaks down the Ecosystem and explains how the tool can help sustain each player in the long haul that is creating lasting social change. 

This conversation took place at the 2021 Resnick Aspen Action Forum’s Closing Plenary on Collective Leadership: What does it take? Explore other dialogues on what it means to lead collectively, building trust, and scaling for impact.