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Innovation and Learning Webinar

August 27, 2020  • Education and Society Program

Our Continuous Learning Webinar Was a Great Example of Continuous Learning

Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised to hear the panelists for our Innovation & Continuous Learning webinar take the conversation back to the very first webinar on equity and agency, but it was gratifying to see the principles Aspen Education presented in May tied together:  What we are learning and seeing right now in schools has to be grounded in the voices of those most affected.

We were also struck by panelists Frances Messano, Sheila Riley, and Ash Vasudeva calling out the need for partnerships, coherence, and a willingness – even a demand — to think about the education system in new and disruptive ways.  These concepts, too, were embraced in the other webinars in our summer series.  

With the grounding of our discussion of innovation, we scanned the resources available in this webinar and some of the earlier work, and would like to offer this resource list for seizing the moment to build the kind of schools and systems we want and kids need.

Innovation & Continuous Learning Quick Start Resources

Continuous learning for opening schools (NSVF)

Tackling inequities with continuous improvement (Carnegie)

Rethinking High School (XQ)

Use of data to fuel COVID19 responses (DQC)

What to do about student boredom (Harvard)

Design thinking with an equity retrofit (equityXdesign)

Recovery & Renewal Supportive Resources

Rubrics for assessing your Family Engagement and Student Engagement activities (Aspen) 

Tips for a Listening Tour (TNTP)

Transforming education in ways that address long-standing inequities (SOLD Alliance)

Culturally and linguistically responsive practice (Aspen)

Creating racial justice initiatives (Edutopia) 

SEAD guide for school leadership teams (Aspen)

Considerations for well-being and connection (CCSSO)

School climate data guide (Aspen)

Workforce skills policy agenda (Aspen)

Working with children’s cabinets (Forum for Youth Investment)

Parent’s Toolkit (Classroom Champions)

Finally, thank you!

As summer comes to a close, we want to thank all the panelists who joined us over the series.  We hope the work is easing the process of school re-opening and re-starting, and we look forward to connecting in the weeks ahead to capture your re-imagining activities.