Aspen Digital is Hiring Tech Equity Experts

May 16, 2022  • Zaki Barzinji

In 2021, Aspen Digital joined a diverse group of tech companies, researchers, and DEI experts in publishing the landmark ACT Report, which outlines a wide range of recommendations for improving the representation, inclusion, and empowerment of underserved and marginalized communities.

Cover of "The ACT Report: Action to Catalyze Tech, A Paradigm Shift for DEI" by the Catalyze Tech Working Group. Cover portrays the letters A – C – T overlap each other in a large semitransparent font. Each letter is a different color.

As a next step to this work, the Aspen Institute is launching the Tech Equity Accountability Mechanism (TEAM), a new initiative that will build off the recommendations of the ACT Report by partnering with tech leaders to standardize DEI data collection, provide expert support, amplify best practices, and help hold the industry as a whole accountable. In short, TEAM will carry the vision and recommendations from the ACT Report into measurable, collective action across tech.

Groups of people interact in various office and classroom settings, collaborating and conducting business and learning.

Credit: The ACT Report

Open now are two new positions to spearhead this work: Project Coordinator and Project Director.

Join us, and help make TEAM a reality!
Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator will take on the primary role in the execution, management and coordination of TEAM’s logistical elements including communications, relationship management, and meetings for TEAM member companies and DEI advisors. This also includes administrative management of all files, compliance and accounts payable.


Project Director

The Project Director will direct the work of the TEAM initiative, a new effort that will provide support to tech companies working to empower underrepresented communities in the digital economy.  The ideal candidate will be well-versed in advancing equity and justice within tech, working directly with underrepresented communities, and overseeing complex virtual programs with diverse representatives from the tech industry across the US. As the lead in this initiative, the Project Director will manage high-level relationships with TEAM member companies and the TEAM Advisory Group, composed of non-industry experts (e.g., nonprofits, research institutions) with the goal of gathering DEI expert perspectives on the current state and future goals within the tech industry. You will manage the development of a new accountability framework that sets industry-wide standards for DEI data collection, propose collective industry actions for improving DEI,  and oversee a series of multilateral workshops with TEAM member companies and DEI advisors to review, refine, and ultimately adopt new standards.


Note: This post was originally published March 4 and was updated on May 16.