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Conversations in Digital Inclusion: Halfway to the 2030 Development Goals

May 16, 2023  • Hazami Barmada, Project Lead, Digital Equity Accelerator & Elizabeth Vivirito, Communications Lead

Digital inclusion strategies have the opportunity to unlock the potential of 2.7 billion people affected by the digital divide and make real change for these populations. By pursuing digital equity, the world has the opportunity to provide access, power, and systemic change for and with the people that could most benefit. 

Join Aspen Digital and global leaders for a series of conversations exploring why digitalization is a necessary public good and can accelerate progress for key populations, and how public, private, and NGO communities can benefit from global digital equity.

This event series will begin in June and culminate during Global Goals Week 2023, alongside the United Nations General Assembly. Additional event details to be announced. This series is presented as part of the Digital Equity Accelerator, an initiative of the Aspen Institute in collaboration with HP Inc. HP aims to accelerate digital equity for 150 million people by 2030. 


21 June 2023: Halfway and Hopeful: Digital Inclusion and the 2030 Development Goals, with Hazami Barmada, Project Lead, Digital Equity Accelerator; Dr. Francesco Galtieri, Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Guinea; Mariama Kabia, Social Impact, HP; and Brighton Kaoma, Global Director, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), Youth initiative.

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11 July  2023: A $1 Trillion Opportunity: Women, Girls, and Digital Inclusion. Thanae Bennani, Executive Director, Douar Tech; Jimena Bello González, Deputy Director, La Cana; Ana Greta Ibañez, Co-Founder, StartupLab MX; Osama Manzar, Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation; Gavin Weale, Founder and CEO of Digify Africa; Hazami Barmada, Director, Digital Equity Accelerator (Host).

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26 July 2023: Educational Digital Divide: How to Reach 1.6 Billion Students Left Behind with Hazami Barmada, Project Lead, Digital Equity Accelerator; Jessica Ángeles, IIDEAC (Mexico); James Donald, Executive Director of E-Cubed/ DBE-3 (South Africa); and Rebecca Lin, Head of Education, Dignity for Children Foundation (Malaysia).

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30 August 2023: Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Digital Divide, an event co-hosted with the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), with Hazami Barmada, Director/Lead, Digital Equity Accelerator, Aspen Institute; Richenda Van Leeuwen, Executive Director, Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE); Juan Carlos Thomas, Head of Entrepreneurship, TechnoServe; and Juan Navarrete, Vice President, Fundación Capital.

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The Digital Equity Accelerator, an initiative of the Aspen Institute in collaboration with HP Inc.fuels social innovation by investing in local NGOs working to address social and economic injustices that are exacerbated by unequal technology access and use around the world.