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Opportunity in America: What Does It Mean? – Videos


Panel 1: What Is Opportunity in America?

What does the national picture look like, how do we measure opportunity, what are the policy ideas, how do they play out in communities? Featuring Maureen Conway (The Aspen Institute), Dan Porterfield (The Aspen Institute), Aparna Mathur (American Enterprise Institute), Paul Osterman (MIT Sloan School of Management), and Michelle De La Isla (Mayor, City of Topeka).

Panel 2: Opportunity and Inclusion

How do we break down the divides of race, place and gender and create more equitable access to economic opportunity? How do we invest in under resourced communities? How can we support entrepreneurs of color? How do we include the voices of working people? Featuring Joyce Klein (The Aspen Institute), Gayatri Agnew (, Betsy Biemann (Coastal Enterprises Inc.), Gary Cunningham (Prosperity Now), and Tracy Jan (The Washington Post).

Panel 3: Leveraging Business Choices to Build Better Opportunities

How are good jobs good business? How can business invest in the skills of their workforce and encourage advancement? What role can employee ownership play in improving worker economic inclusion and security? Featuring Mark Popovich (The Aspen Institute), Jennifer Briggs (GRITT Business Coaching), Kevin Johnson (Aon), Erin Patinkin (Ovenly), and Matthew Heimer (Fortune Magazine).


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Event information
Fri Oct 25, 2019
12:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
The Aspen Institute
2300 N Street NW Suite 700
Washington DC 20037