AMF Impact

Through AMF convenings and projects, the ministers raise the profile of key international issues and leverage their history of constructive negotiations, policy acumen, and continued influence to develop new strategies for difficult global problems. Senior government officials and leading experts are also invited to participate in the meetings, and in turn, are able to draw directly upon insights from the roundtable discussions to enhance their own work and policies.

Following AMF meetings, members publish public letters and opinion editorials in news media outlets around the world both individually and collectively. Often, the Ministers’ joint signatures provide a global perspective and allow the pieces to be widely read and discussed across the world. These pieces have been included in a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Al-Ahram Weekly, Le Monde, Spiegel Online, Iran Radio, and The Financial Times, among others.

The ministers also bring findings from the convenings back to their respective communities. This could take the form of high-level briefings for senior national and world leaders in their professional networks; the presentation of their ideas in TV, radio, or journal interviews; personal op-ed pieces; research papers; or lectures. Recently, the group has added online components to its work by convening via Zoom every other month and launching a series of digital public products to inform and shape the global debate.