Aspen Ministers Forum Meetings

Once or twice a year, a diverse group of AMF members meet to craft new approaches to critical global challenges. Each summit elevates a specific topic, which may be a crisis that demands urgent attention or a long-term policy challenge that deserves closer examination. Over the course of several days, AMF members engage in intensive roundtable discussions, where participants leverage their history of constructive negotiations, policy acumen, and continued influence to develop novel strategies for complex transnational challenges. Senior government officials and leading experts are also invited to participate in the discussions based on each specific topic. These participants are in turn able to draw on insights from the meeting to enhance their own work.

Through its members’ in-depth understanding of foreign policy and continued influence as opinion leaders, members of parliament, and advisers to governments and political parties, the group has made substantial contributions on issues including the reconstruction of Iraq, the fight against terrorism, government accountability and the social contract, and refugee crises.

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