The Aspen Ministers Forum

The Aspen Ministers Forum is an initiative of former foreign ministers from across the political spectrum. Building on a history of constructive negotiations and issue resolution, the senior statesmen are uniquely positioned to leverage their experience and insight to foster a more collaborative transatlantic exchange.

The Aspen Ministers Forum seeks to develop concrete, non-partisan recommendations to address common global challenges. Through its members’ in-depth understanding of foreign policy, and continued influence as opinion leaders, members of parliament, and advisers to governments and political parties, the group has addressed such issues as Iraq reconstruction, the fight against terrorism, the social contract, and the refugee and migrant crisis. Each meeting includes a group outside experts from the executive and legislative branches of government, think tanks, academia and the media. Working materials and policy papers are developed by group members and an array of both established and rising policy experts.

You can read more about the beginnings of the Aspen Ministers Forum in the feature piece “Albright’s Dream Team” in the Summer 2012 issue of The Aspen Idea.