Aspen Leaders Forum

The Aspen Leaders Forum is an invitation-only, cross-industry network of senior social impact, corporate responsibility, and sustainability strategists. These professionals are working at the leading edge of practice and influencing the future of the profession. As leaders in their companies, they direct corporate action on social and environmental issues that influence the long-term success of the firm and its impact on society.

Leaders Forum members gather for off-the-record dialogues, retreats, and action-learning workshops. They also contribute thought leadership for the field, as evidenced by the publication: Whitewater Management: Insights from the Aspen Leaders Forum on the Evolving Sustainability Profession.

New Challenges for Sustainability Leaders:

The corporate sustainability and social impact profession is changing rapidly. Previously, compliance, efficiency, disclosure and public relations were at the heart of strategists’ responsibilities. No more. The most effective and impactful professionals in this field are working with colleagues to shape the future of their companies.

In these new roles, they must:

  • Interpret societal trends and their implications for business practice.
  • Guide enterprise-wide decisions to mitigate ESG risks and take advantage of ESG-related opportunities.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to build robust frameworks for change.
  • Communicate the company’s impact story to their colleagues and the world.
  • Act with humility, wisdom and courage.

The Aspen Leaders Forum exists to strengthen individual capacity and corporate actions as the profession evolves. Members come together in reflection and dialogue to surface fresh insights and amplify their ability to lead –within their companies and their industries.

Together, the group sets a new standard for practice to ensure that business serves as a positive force for change in society.


For more information, please contact Felicia Davis, Senior Program Manager, Aspen Institute Business & Society Program.