Microfinance Impact Collaborative

BOI’s Microfinance Impact Collaborative works to inform, strengthen, and accelerate the efforts of US microenterprise finance organizations that are committed to significantly increasing the impact of their work. Comprised of several leading microlenders from across the United States, including Allies for Community Business, Ascendus, DreamSpring, Justine PETERSEN, LiftFund, and Accion Opportunity Fund, the collaborative provides participating organizations with a venue and mechanism for collective learning and action. Each year, the Microfinance Impact Collaborative meetings provide time for reflection, engagement, and conversation, strengthening the work of each participating organization and identifying ways to increase the impact of the microenterprise field.

Since forming in 2015, members of the Microfinance Impact Collaborative have shared innovations and challenges related to growing their microenterprise finance work, focusing on topics including underwriting, capitalization strategies, nonbank alternative lenders, the changing market context, the role of technology, and building the organizational capacity to innovate and grow.