Becoming a Fellow

The Fellowship brings together annual classes of 22 diverse, accomplished leaders across the finance ecosystem who are ready to step up and lead – creating a broader impact in using finance as a force for societal good.

Ideal Nominees

  • Have achieved considerable professional success
  • Are at an “inflection point” where they are ready to step up and lead – creating a broader impact in connecting finance and society
  • Willing to challenge existing normative behaviors with actionable ideas to create positive change
  • Have a breadth of experience and level of maturity that will enable them to contribute effectively to the seminar experience; this includes an ability to listen to and learn from their peers
  • Intellectually curious and open to ideas
  • Are between the ages of 35 and 50, fluent in English, and come from diverse backgrounds in terms of gender, geography, ethnicity, philosophical outlook and area of finance

Fellowship Commitment:

Fellows attend all four seminars: from the beginning to the completion of each session without interruption.

Seminar I: The Challenge of Leadership focuses on the qualities of leadership necessary to master the forces of change. Fellows discuss their own challenges and develop criteria for effective, values-based leadership

Seminar II: The Aspen Seminar explores the concept of “the good society” and the Fellow’s leadership role in making it a reality. Fellows present and discuss prospectuses for their ventures

Seminar III: Leading in an Era of Globalization explores the challenges of leading in an increasingly complex world. Fellows across the Aspen Global Leadership Network attend jointly

Seminar IV: The Promise of Leadership explores the concepts of legacy and life balance. Fellows share the progress achieved, challenges encountered, and lessons learned from their leadership projects

Leadership Venture: Fellows commit to developing their own leadership venture. Ventures are an opportunity for Fellows to take risks, stretch themselves, and work with their peers to identify outside-the-box solutions to societal and industry challenges.

The Nominations Process

In order to be considered for the Fellowship, candidates must be nominated by a third party – typically a mentor, peer, or close colleague who can speak in depth about a candidate’s work, career arc, character, and potential fit in the Fellowship. 

Once nominated, the Fellowship team carefully screens each candidate and narrows down the pool to meet with FLF leadership. Following the interview period, FLF selects 22 Fellows to begin their leadership journey. 

Nominations are no longer being accepted for the 2023 class of Finance Leaders Fellows. If you have questions about the nomination process, please direct all inquiries to