The Program

Each year, the Fellowship supports classes of 22 finance executives to engage in a two-year leadership journey – shifting their focus from success to significance in service of positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

Recent crises have further exposed the need for systemic change in the finance industry and clarified the role business and leaders play in creating it. 

As market conditions have shifted, the aperture of industry stakeholders has widened. This inflection point calls for values-based finance leaders who can accelerate the shift and lead the industry into a sustainable future. Using the Aspen Institute method of text-based dialogue, the Finance Leaders Fellowship provides the pause leaders need to reflect on their values and the ability to take action as individuals and a purpose-driven collective.  

Fellows commit to a two-year transformative Fellowship program, which:

Transforms leaders by engaging them in a journey of personal exploration that cultivates and sharpens their values

Catalyzes action by supporting the launch of impact ventures that stretch Fellows’ leadership and creates positive change across the finance ecosystem and global communities

Forges a global community of like-minded leaders committed to making a sustainable impact in the finance industry

The Experience

Seminars: Fellows participate in four transformative seminars over two years. The seminars empower them to cement the values and leadership skills required to develop and scale solutions to challenges in or connected to the finance industry.

Peer accountability: Fellows commit to supporting, holding accountable, and driving impact with their fellow Fellows during and after the two years.

Leadership venture: Fellows turn their reflection into action by launching a leadership impact venture to bring market-based solutions to critical societal challenges. Click here to learn more about select Fellow ventures. 

Lifelong commitment and network: The Fellowship supports each Fellow’s lifelong leadership journey and commitment to solving complex societal issues and connects like-minded leaders across the Fellowship.

Our Global Community

The Fellowship is a global community of more than 100 influential finance leaders in 20 countries committed to making sustainable impact in the finance industry.