Our Impact

The Fellowship experience changes how leaders lead—how they run their organizations, contribute to their communities and society, and make tough decisions.

Recognizing the unique opportunity to leverage their collective influence across the finance ecosystem, Fellows are answering the call to act together in key areas, like closing the racial wealth gap, investing in the next generation of women finance leaders, advancing ESG initiatives, and leading on the new frontiers of crypto and digital finance.

Since its founding in 2016, the Fellowship has empowered Fellows to make values-based and purpose-driven commitments in their lives and leadership.

Personal Transformation and the Power of the Network

The Fellowship is deeply transformative for Fellows, inspiring them to become more values-based and purpose-driven in their lives and leadership and providing the collective will to use the global FLF community as a critical platform to mobilize support and collaboration for impact. As a result of the Fellowship:


stretched themselves in new ways, taking on risks or challenges that they otherwise may not have taken


modeled new leadership mindsets and practices


engaged deeply with their peers to seek advice, collaborate, and work toward personal, professional and societal change goals

Societal Change

Fellows are influential levers of change, taking action in new, significant ways to create positive change in their organizations, communities, industries, and regions. As a result of the Fellowship:


led their companies and organizations with values and greater clarity of purpose


mobilized their resources (money, time, platform, networks) to create positive change at the community level and/or in the finance industry