Future of Wealth Discussion Series

Each Future of Wealth Discussion Series event is a live, 1-hour virtual convening that is open to the public and brings together leaders across sectors and disciplines to consider wealth-building objectives that Aspen FSP considers critical to creating widespread household financial well-being. Attendees will leave the event not only with a greater understanding of the specific wealth-building objective, but also its critical role in increasing by ten-fold the wealth of households of color and those in the bottom half of the wealth distribution. Additionally, attendees will learn more about the work underway both at Aspen FSP and across our network to change the future of wealth in the U.S. and will be encouraged to consider new ways to imagine their own part in that work.


Graphic with dark blue background and white text that says "The Future of Wealth Discussion Series, Seeding Startup Capital for Life" with the Aspen FSP logo on it. Additionally has four headshots of speakers. Fiona Greig, Vanguard; Ida Rademacher, The Aspen Institute; Trina Shanks, University of Michigan; Hope Wollensack, Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund. Wednesday, July 26 | 1:00-2:00 PM EST
 PAST EVENT: Seeding Startup Capital for Life
Wednesday, July 26th

During this event, leaders from the investment industry, the baby bonds and children’s savings accounts field, and government shared new findings from their research, discussed how to leverage momentum in the field, and thought big about what this wealth-building solution would mean for low- and moderate-income households, how to make it happen, and how it would change the future of wealth in America.

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Boosting Income and Benefits for Household Stability
Wednesday, September 27th at 1 pm ET

Generating wealth is impossible without financial stability. Yet, vital government programs that should support people’s income and financial resilience, are often hampered by ineffective design and delivery. During this event, public benefits leaders will discuss how the end of the public health emergency is creating challenges for our benefits infrastructure, and the opportunity to fundamentally transform these systems to create real onramps to wealth building.

 Democratizing and De-risking Real Estate for Wealth-Building
Wednesday, November 8th at 1 pm ET

While real estate ownership is the largest contributor to wealth for the majority of households in America, this asset class remains inaccessible to millions. Fortunately, an emerging cohort of innovators and investors are reimagining equitable real estate ownership as the foundation of an inclusive future of wealth. In this discussion, meet the forward-thinking leaders on the cutting edge of widespread, equitable real estate ownership –  and learn how we can get there faster.


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