Financial Resilience Summit

Watch: February 1st Virtual Session 

Watch: February 2nd Virtual Session

A majority of Americans experience at least one unplanned financial shock per year. Financial resilience – the ability to weather a shock from an unexpected expense or a loss of income – is critical to households’ short-term stability and long-term security. Although part of the equation, wages are insufficient to solve this broad, persistent, and urgent challenge. For many Americans, public and private benefits are necessary tools to weather the financial shocks of today and prepare for the storms of the future – but those benefits have to work, they have to work together, and they have to work for everyone.

The good news: on the heels of a global pandemic that pushed rapid innovation in benefits delivery, today’s fragmented system of financial resilience benefits is quietly being reimagined and rebuilt by cross-sector leaders from corporate boardrooms to the highest levels of the U.S. and state governments. At this summit, benefits leaders will come together from across domains to share what’s working when it comes to helping people weather financial shocks, talk candidly about what’s keeping us from creating the integrated safety net that people need and chart a path forward to a modernized, inclusive system for building household financial resilience in the United States.

Watch Event Video: Building a Financially Resilient America: The Urgency and the Opportunity of Now

Decision-makers at the highest levels in the United States are putting people’s financial resilience at the top of their leadership agenda. Cross-sector leaders will share why this kitchen table issue is a matter of national urgency and what they’ve committed to do to ensure that everyone in the U.S. can bounce back from an emergency. Join the discussion to hear what the household financial safety net of the future needs to look like in an America that is facing an increasingly unpredictable set of challenges.

Watch Event Video: Boosting a Household’s Ability to Weather Financial Storms: Federal and State Leadership to Modernize Public Benefits

Policymakers at the highest levels of federal and state governments are fundamentally reshaping how benefits are delivered to people in the U.S. to build financial resilience. In this discussion, co-sponsored by the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program and the United States Office of Management and Budget, federal and state leaders will share their plans to modernize public benefits delivery, highlight new opportunities for partnership between federal and state governments to improve financial resilience, and set forth a vision for how public benefits are delivered in the coming years.