AEFI Research Reports

Since the inception of its principle research endeavor, the National Study of Artist-Endowed Foundations, AEFI has been committed to producing knowledge resources that are offered globally online, free-of-charge, to be viewed, printed, or downloaded as preferred by the reader. This approach ensures that anyone who needs or wishes to have access to the information produced by AEFI, accomplished with the philanthropic support of a 30-member donor consortium, can do so.

AEFI’s publications are intended for a non-specialist audience comprising the individuals who create, lead, govern, and advise artist-endowed foundations. The publications are intended also for the wide array of leaders in the arts, philanthropy, education, journalism, and public policy whose understanding of this distinctively endowed charitable form will be influential in shaping the environment in which the artist-endowed foundation field evolves in the coming years. Lastly, it is hoped that the publications will be resources for scholars and students whose own research and writings will help to advance knowledge about the ways in which artists are utilizing charitable nonprofit forms to accomplish the long-term stewardship of their creative life’s works and rights for public benefit purposes.