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Strong Foundations: Housing Security Solutions Framework

January 4, 2021  • Financial Security Program & EPIC

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Millions of people across the country are struggling to maintain their housing: before the pandemic, nearly 100 million people lived in unaffordable housing. COVID-19 has accelerated the twin trends of unaffordability and instability — but it has also revealed that a wave of evictions can be just one recession away.  

Download the executive summary for an overview of solutions housing stakeholders can pursue, as well as principles and a process to guide leaders through tailoring the most appropriate solutions to best meet their communities’ needs.

Everyone can do something to expand housing security in their own communities. Find the robust set of solutions for effective, equitable, and sustainable housing in the full solutions framework. Download the full framework. 

In 2021, there is a window of opportunity for federal, state, and local leaders in all sectors to fix the underlying drivers of housing insecurity. Policymakers have the opportunity make housing policies and programs more equitable and expand access to both subsidized and market-rate affordable housing. Business leaders also have important roles to play in supporting housing security and promoting housing affordability in their communities. 

For more information on housing insecurity and its threat to financial security in America, download the full report and reach out to our staff. Click here to register for our public event on this topic.

Key Findings:

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Thank you to the funders of Aspen FSP’s housing work: MetLife Foundation, The Prudential Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, for their generous support.

Family Finances
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