Collective Leadership and the Aspen Global Leadership Network

July 27, 2021  • Aspen Global Leadership Network

We need to consider what we can do to amplify the work of each other.

Merhdad Baghai, Co-founder & Chairman, High Resolves

Henry Crown Fellow and 2018 McNulty Prize winner Mehrdad Baghai has developed an innovative learning model to inoculate young people against hate through his venture High Resolves. Founded in Australia, the program has spread across contexts and continents to deliver high-quality experiences for youth around the world. 

The proliferation of High Resolves is an inspiring example of how one Fellow tapped the network to scale a highly effective solution. In this conversation with filmmaker and collaborator Diane Robinson, hear Mehrdad’s on how he, alongside other AGLN Fellows, have taken the High Resolves model global.

This conversation took place at the 2021 Resnick Aspen Action Forum’s Closing Plenary on Collective Leadership: What does it take? Explore other dialogues on the social change ecosystem, building trust, and fighting polarization.