Virtual Seminars

Sharpen Your Leadership From Wherever You Are

Our online seminars bring the learning, dynamism, and fellowship of our face-to-face seminars directly to you. Invest in your own development alongside leaders from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and locations.

Online Leadership Seminars

Leading Through Chaos: Challenges of Values Based Leadership

Clarify the values by which you lead—particularly in times of crisis—so you can better align your personal, organizational, and social values in your leadership roles.

Efficiency and Empathy: Building Organizational Culture

Examine the role, manifestation, and application of emotional intelligence and empathy in the workplace with a focus on fostering human-centered leadership.

Facilitation: The Arts of Dialogue

This seminar captures what is unique about the Aspen Method of text-based dialogue and applies it to workplace and personal environments. An essential seminar for those who want to enhance their ability to lead meetings and dialogues.

Identity, Diversity, and Equity in the Workplace

With a primary focus on racial equity in leadership and team dynamics, this seminar engages participants in an exploration of identity and diversity and its manifestations in their work lives.

Leading Teams: Building Community and Strengthening Interpersonal Relationships

Explore how you can draw from your individual strengths to unite teams with different values and priorities under a shared sense of understanding and purpose.