Leadership Programs

Leadership Matters

Aspen Institute’s Leadership Programs amplify, elevate, and connect leaders across sectors, generations, and geographies to create a more free, just, and equitable world.

For nearly 70 years, the Aspen Institute has challenged leaders to think deeply about timeless human values, their implications for leading a meaningful life, and act on one’s responsibility in building a better society. Leadership matters. We need more leaders, both seasoned and emerging, to enter the arena and lead during trying times.

The thousands who have participated in our programs have gone on to have real impact in their communities. They are youth finding their voices and organizing their peers around conservation, educational access, social justice, and more; public sector leaders finding common ground with each other in quiet, but meaningful ways; senior business leaders using their platforms to close educational achievement gaps, improve access to health care, raise financial literacy, fight domestic violence, build new pipelines of ethical leadership, and much more.