Religion & Society Scholarship

The Religion & Society Program produces and contributes to original scholarship on religious pluralism and its component parts through contributions from staff, collaboration with research partners, and by hosting experts in the field as Religion & Society Program Fellows. This scholarly output informs our programming efforts while also deepening and improving our initial hypothesis of religious pluralism.

The Program currently supports three fellows: Religion & Society Fellow for Faith-Based Philanthropy Dr. Brad Fulton, a professor and scholar; Religion & Society Fellow for Religious Literacy Evaluation Dr. Kate Soules, a researcher and scholar; and Religion & Society Fellow for Religious Freedom Asma T. Uddin, a religious freedom lawyer and author.

Brad is furthering our research into the role of faith-based philanthropy in religious pluralism, collaborating closely with Allison K. Ralph and presenting at conferences such as ARNOVA.

Kate is an education researcher and curriculum developer specializing in religious literacy and teacher education. She will inform the Program’s approach to religious literacy through her research on and evaluation of the field as a Fellow.

Asma is leading the initiative, “The Politics of Vulnerability Project.” This initiative brings Evangelical Christians and Muslims together to determine the parameters of co-existence through the legal framework of religious freedom. This project culminates with the book, The Politics of Vulnerability, published with Pegasus Books on March 23rd, 2021. Click here to order a copy today.

Our former Fellow for Religious Literacy and Competency Brie Loskota, ended her term in August 2021. Brie led an initiative to increase understanding of the field of religious literacy and competency and to increase religious literacy among philanthropic institutions. Brie also contributed to the development of a cohort of scholars and practitioners that will together push forward the field of religious literacy. Her fellowship culminated with the report, Understanding Religious Literacy Content Creators and Providers in Education, Journalism, and New Media: A Report for the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation, on which she was the lead author.