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  At the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, we support  established and emerging business leaders in putting values at the  heart of business.

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Judy SamuelsonJudith Samuelson, Executive Director
Judy created the Business and Society Program, an independently supported program at the Aspen Institute, in 1998. Aspen BSP respects the power of business to shape the long-term health of society, and works to align business decisions with the public good.

Click here to read Judy's blog at the Huffington Post and follow her on Twitter @JudySamuelson.

Darren Walker on Leadership

Featuring: Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation at the Aspen Institute Business Education Symposium on October 16-17, 2014, discusses how leaders in the business, academic and philanthropic sectors can help advance exceptional business practices --and what we should really be looking for in our leaders.

BSP Calendar of Events2015 Calendar of Events
Take a closer look at the year ahead for the Business and Society Program. We are investing in public programs and private dialogues that put ethical, responsible and environmentally sound business decisions front and center in business education, business practice and public consciousness.

CVSG What We're Reading
Corporate Values Strategy Group: What We're Reading - January 2015

CVSG is kicking off 2015 with renewed focus on corporate purpose, the company-investor conversation, "sticky problems" like income inequality, and (as always) short-termism.  Enjoy!

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