The next generation of Skills for America’s Future

After five years at the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program, Skills for America’s Future will now be led by Skills for Chicagoland’s Future.

“America’s growing divide between work and wealth.

Maureen Conway, vice president for policy programs at the Aspen Institute and executive director of EOP, writes for CNN, “In our new, global economy the link between work and wealth is being severed.

“I thought retail jobs were a dead-end for economic mobility. I was wrong.

“Jeannine La Prad, president and CEO of Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, explains the basis for Reimagine Retail, a new joint project between Corporation for a Skilled Workforce and the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program, for the Aspen Idea Blog.

Will Workforce Development Succeed by Being Demand Driven?

Maureen Conway, Vice President of Policy Programs at the Aspen Institute and EOP's Executive Director, discusses the challenges brought on by “demand-driven” workforce development strategies and the need for strategies that connect people to jobs through which they can support themselves.

There’s a New Way to Build Better Jobs: Start Local

Panelists at the recent Working in America event discussed the drawbacks with the traditional model of economic development and alternative models of economic development that are more inclusive and can offer more widespread benefits.

State Policies and the Future of Work

EOP Associate Director Vickie Choitz explains there is much that policymakers can do to provide workers with stability and benefit their states' economies.

Why Business Ownership Matters in Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

FIELD Director Joyce Klein explains how increasing business ownership among minorities can narrow wealth disparities.

Election 2016: Which Political Candidates Value Work? Policy Clues to Look For

As political candidates compete to address voters' worries about work, here are a few issues to watch.