The Aspen Global Leadership Network (AGLN) is a worldwide community of successful, high-integrity, entrepreneurial leaders, called "Aspen Global Leadership Fellows". Because of their demonstrated leadership accomplishments and abilities, these Fellows have been selected to be part of one of 13 geographic or sector-specific Fellowships around the world. These Fellowships include or are modeled after the Aspen Institute’s flagship values-based leadership program, the Henry Crown Fellowship Program, launched in 1997. 

Fellows enter their program having demonstrated a great deal of personal success. They leave it inspired to make a greater mark on their communities and the world; to move as we say, “from success to significance.” In between, they are provided with an intimate forum for deep introspection, probing dialogue and interactive problem-solving. 
The Aspen Global Leadership Network is designed to spur these Fellows to stretch themselves -- to take their leadership to greater heights and broaden their impact to include society at-large. The Network connects Fellows through events like the Aspen Action Forum so that they can learn from, collaborate with and support one another. 

The Aspen Global Leadership Network includes more than 2,000 Fellows from 49 countries -- and is growing.
Fellows are using their businesses and their positions to create new ventures and jobs, develop medical devices for children, fight rare genetic diseases, improve employability, provide healthy meals to school children, promote environmental sustainability, reduce infant mortality, raise classroom engagement, stop ethnic violence, keep kids out of gangs, and battle corruption, just to name a few.

Progams Include:

Plans for 2015-16 include possible new Fellowships in Southeast Asia, South America and the Financial Services industry

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