The Institute's Brand Identity

Our brand identity incorporates the visual representation of the Aspen Institute, and the values and associations linked with all that we do. Every arm of the Institute operates as an important brand ambassador, by disseminating these brand values to their audiences.These guidelines provide the tools to protect our brand assets, enabling individual programs to leverage the Institute brand and all it stands for.

Download the Aspen Institute Brandbook

Logo Files For Download

Logo treatments are provided below in several formats. Unless otherwise noted, each image is prepared with a transparent background:

Logo Usage

  1. Using the Institute’s official color palette
  2. 100% black
  3. Knocking out to white on any dark background
  • The logo should always be used as downloaded and never recreated.
  • There are no approved modifications to the logo.
  • The logo can be scaled as required, but the ratio should not be altered.
  • The logo should be large enough to ensure legibility.

The Aspen Institute Leaf

The Aspen Institute leaf should only be reproduced:
  • Using the Institute’s official color palette.
  • 100% black.
  • Knocking out to white on any dark background.
  • The leaf should always be used as downloaded and never recreated.

Color Palette

Color is one of the most important components of our visual identity. Correct application of the color palette ensures consistency and global recognition.

The official color for the Aspen Institute is Pantone 7692 C. This color has been specified using the Pantone® matching system with CMYK, RGB, and HTML formulas.

  • In printed publications, using a coated versus uncoated stock will affect the hue and value of the color.
  • Always specify the coated Pantone® (PMS) numbers.
  • When custom inks are not available for printed publications, use the CMYK formula.
  • For electronic/web applications, use the RGB conversion.
Pantone Color
HTML Hex Color

Presentation Slides

PowerPoint or Keynote presentation decks representating Aspen Institute work may be created using elements from our package of Branded Deck Assets. Presentations may be arranged using any of the slide formats included among these assets. Slides are available in widescreen 16:9 format. Remove or reorder slides from this package to meet your requirements.

Download Aspen Institute Branded Deck Assets (PPTX)

Event Photography

Photographers documenting Aspen Institute events should follow steps outlined in our Photography Guide.

Download the Aspen Institute Event Photography Guide (PDF)