History was a curated library of teaching resources designed primarily for business school faculty to help them incorporate environmental, social and ethical topics into their teaching.

The site provided access to thousands of resources from a variety of publishers, including the most recent business cases, scholarly publications, articles, videos and issue reports—all of which were pre-screened for quality and focused on mainstream business issues such as ethics, sustainability, governance, corporate purpose, leadership and much more.

We also produced original content for the site including teaching modules, cases and reading collections, that were designed to help faculty think through the questions that arise at the intersection of business and society, and incorporate these issues into their curriculum. was run by the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, which is dedicated to helping business schools prepare their students to be responsible stewards of the environment and society.

Transition to Ideas Worth Teaching

In 2016, was reimagined into Ideas Worth Teaching, a tightly curated, weekly email for business school faculty to prompt new conversations in the classroom about the relationships between corporations, capital markets, and the public good. Its intent is to provide “drag and drop” functionality—allowing faculty to easily use the articles, cases and other teaching materials that we will be sharing in their class discussions.

On October 6, 2016, CasePlace was taken offline and our new weekly email communication Ideas Worth Teaching took its place.



Our Partners

We partnered with a variety of schools, nonprofits, and corporations to keep CasePlace current.  Through collaboration with the Foundation for Enterprise Development (FED), the Aspen Institute, and the Employee Ownership Foundation, the largest online Curriculum Library on Employee Ownership (CLEO) was launched in October of 2008. For eight years it resided with and grew to have more than 700 teaching materials, including videos, cases, syllabi, teaching modules, and reading collections, with thousands of downloads per year by researchers, teachers, and companies.

In October 2016, CLEO was re-located to the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) as part of the employee ownership research and education center where CLEO is still available and expanding.

CLEO's new home