Religious Pluralism Funders Circle

The Religious Pluralism Funders Circle (RPFC) is the Religion & Society Program’s diverse network of funders from 50 organizations and growing who share an interest in and support the system of religious pluralism. The Circle provides a connection point between philanthropic leaders and those in other sectors who work on issues related to religious pluralism, such as academia, civil society, faith institutions, and government. Additionally, the Circle provides funders a confidential space to share best practices, collaborate on points of intersection, and encourage peers to get involved in the field of religious pluralism.

The Circle welcomes the involvement of funders who work with faith-based partners, even if they don’t focus on religious pluralism itself. The group includes funders with secular and faith-based foundings, whose philanthropic focus includes but is not limited to democracy, citizenship, civil society, human services , and religious pluralism itself. The diversity of funder viewpoints and interests allows for new learnings and new relationships across previously unrecognized shared concerns.

The Religion & Society Program believes that if local and national funders are familiar with the component areas of religious pluralism, and are connected to each other as well as people working in the field and academia, then they will be better-equipped to scale impact in this growing field.

If you would like to learn more or get involved with the Circle, contact Sheridan Ruiz at [email protected].